Located just 26 km north of Brisbane’s business district, the area of North Lakes is a highly desirable community in the Moreton Bay Region. Known for being a modern suburb, North Lakes has a thriving real estate market that features many new residential and commercial properties.

With well-planned neighbourhoods and a traditional sense of community, there is no shortage of selling points for North Lakes. However, trying to navigate the changing real estate market of the area can be a daunting task without an expert on your side.

To make your buying or selling process much easier, consider the following factors for how to choose a great real estate agent in the North Lakes area.

Familiarity with North Lakes Area and Housing Market

One of the greatest things about North Lakes is that it has something for everyone—the trick is investing in a home that maximises your access to the community resources your family cares about most. If you have children, for example, an agent can help you choose a home close to the school of your choice; or if you’d prefer a more centrally located home, they can pinpoint listings near the North Lakes business district and town centre.

Whether buying or selling, having an agent on your side that knows the area can help you negotiate a competitive price that considers the added value of nearby amenities and the rates of comparable listings.

Knowledgeable About Investment Potential

In addition to knowing the area as it currently stands, the best real estate agent can also guide you to a property’s future investment potential.

North Lakes offers outstanding investment opportunities, as many new developments are already underway that will increase the area’s value. For example, plans for a new train station have already been approved that will significantly improve access to Brisbane—making the area a hot commodity for city workers. More commercial establishments are also planned in North Lakes, like the opening of a new cinema complex and Queensland’s second Ikea, which will not only provide entertainment and convenience for locals but will also create new jobs.

In addition, experts project that North Lakes housing prices will soar in the next few years as new property constructions are about to slow to a stop, increasing the demand for existing properties. This is an important consideration for both home buyers and seller as it affects the overall value of homes in the area.

Access to Resources

With such a competitive market, it is essential that your agent has access to the latest industry resources. At Bridgebury Real Estate, we use our advanced tools and primary insight on the latest listings to match our buyers with the best properties that meet their unique needs. Likewise, we use cutting-edge marketing resources for our sellers, including professional photographers, paid Facebook ads, and even custom brochures, to maximise their properties audience and make it stand out.

Choose from the Best Agents

Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a North Lakes property, hiring one of our talented real estate agent can help you understand your options so that you can sign the best closing deal. Call our office today on (07) 3180 2800 and let our friendly agents help you with your property needs.