Tyla Tupou

Tyla Tupou

Property Manager

Meet Tyla, a Property Manager with a deep-rooted connection to the field. Having grown up in North Lakes, her fascination with the suburb's development and growth became an early interest. Observing the transformation of the community over the years fuelled Tyla's curiosity about real estate dynamics. As Tyla pursued her Business Degree, the real turning point occurred while studying real estate and development courses. The academic exploration solidified her passion for the intricacies of real estate management. Witnessing the evolution of North Lakes and studying its dynamics throughout her upbringing, combined with the academic exposure, ultimately inspired Tyla to take a proactive step into the world of property management. 

Despite being new to the industry with 1.5 years' experience, Tyla seamlessly blends her educational background with a genuine passion for property management. She not only oversees day-to-day operations with precision but also brings a unique perspective shaped by a personal connection to the communities she serves. This journey from hometown observer to actively contributing to the growth of community's highlights Tyla's commitment to the field and dedication to fostering thriving and dynamic living spaces.

Outside of property management, Tyla tries to live an active and balanced lifestyle. As a passionate lover of the outdoors, she enjoys beach outings with friends and family, relishing in sun-soaked moments and frequently venturing on hikes to capture captivating sunrise and sunset scenes.