Register Your Details

First and foremost register your details with Bridgebury Real Estate so we can let you know about new homes as and when they come up. The rental market is extremely competitive and therefore it is important that you are kept well informed so you don’t miss out.
Make sure we know ALL your details!

This includes how much you’re looking at spending each week, at what type of property, in which location, where you are coming from and why you are thinking of moving.

This will help us in finding the ideal place for you to call home.


Looking for & Inspecting a Property

Finding the right property for you and your family is very important.

At Bridgebury Real Estate we do require you to inspect a property before we are able to finalise your application.

Should we have a property you are interested in please give us a call to book an inspection.


What happens next (the application process)?

Once you have found a property that you really like, simply complete our tenancy application form and submit it along with your supporting documentation. The tenancy application form requires you to provide information such as your contact details, current and previous address, employment and/or Centrelink information. We then require documentation to support your application form. This information includes proof of identification (eg. driver’s licence, 18+ card, passport, bank cards, medicare card etc) and proof of income (eg. Last 2 payslips, Centrelink statement, or if self-employed a letter from you accountant). Further details about what we require can be found on the cover page of our tenancy application form.

Once the fully completed application form and all supporting documentation have been received, Bridgebury Real Estate will process your application.  This process includes making sure all details on the tenancy application form and your supporting documentation match up. We complete employment and income checks, reference checks including references from previous tenancies and tenancy database checks. This is standard for each application as per our tenancy selection procedure.

Bridgebury Real Estate will then put forward all applications to the Lessor, who will ultimately make the final decision as to which application to proceed with. We understand that time is of the essence and will strive to provide you with an answer within 48 hours of submitting your application.


Accepting & Signing the Lease

If your application is accepted you will be required to come into our office within 48 hours to secure the property. Securing your tenancy will require you to sign the lease and pay your first 2 weeks rent (please note this is not a deposit and is therefore not refundable). Once you have secured the property we will cease marketing the home and no further applications submitted will be considered.

Please be aware however that until you have secured the property it will remain marketed and applications will still be considered, so it is important to make yourself available to come into our office within the 48 hours of your acceptance to ensure you don’t miss out on the property.



At the commencement of a tenancy, the tenant is required to pay a rental bond. This is a security deposit that is held by the Residential Tenancies Authority for the entirety of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy the bond is refunded to the tenants provided the property is left in a satisfactory condition and there is no money owing.

The bond amount payable is the equivalent to 4 weeks rent. However, if the rent per week exceeds $700.00 then there is no limit to the bond amount.

Once the bond is paid, Bridgebury Real Estate will lodge your bond monies with the Residential Tenancies Authority within 10 days of payment. The Residential Tenancies Authority will then send a lodgement receipt to the property address and Bridgebury Real Estate as confirmation of receipt.


Utility connection

It is a Tenants responsibility to ensure that all utilities (eg. electricity, gas, phone lines and internet) are connected and the utility companies have confirmed the account is in your name and is ready to use. Payment for these utilities is the responsibility of the Tenant.


The Tenant is not required to ensure water is connected to the property. However, bear in mind that should the property be water compliant the Tenants are liable to pay for all water consumed at the property during their tenancy. This is charged at Council rates and supported by the Landlord’s Unity Water bill.


Tenant contents Insurance

It is vital that all tenants have their own home contents insurance policy. The Lessor’s (Landlord) building insurance will not cover tenant’s contents or personal belonging should anything happen at the property. The owner and Bridgebury Real Estate will not be liable for any loss if the tenants fail to have their contents insured.