Situated just 26km north of Brisbane, North Lakes is a modestly sized town with a thriving community, robust economy, and the peace and quiet that one would expect from a suburb. For young people, families, and retirees, North Lakes is an idyllic setting to experience a supportive community; and for future residents and investors, North Lakes is the perfect opportunity to invest in a dynamic, growing town. If you’re looking for a North Lakes Real Estate Agent to help you buy a property, then make sure you contact us today.


According to the 2011 census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of North Lakes is 15,046. The median age of residents is 31, which is six years younger than the national average, and 29.2% of the population consists of children aged 0-14 years. As a relatively young community, North Lakes is the perfect home for young professionals, singles, and families with the kids (for more tips on choosing the right home for you click here). Residents have also tagged North Lakes as a welcoming community for retirees and gays and lesbians.

Employment and Household Income

The economy of North Lakes is stable and steadily growing. The unemployment rate is at 5.1%, which is below the national unemployment rate of 5.6%. Broken down by occupation, the most common occupation is professionals at 21.3%. The weekly median income for personal income is $772, which is well above the national average of $577. The median weekly income for families is $1873, well above the national average of $1481. The lower unemployment rates and higher median incomes in North Lakes indicate that the town has a robust economy that allows residents to enjoy higher standards of living.

Education Opportunities

There are numerous private and public schools in North Lakes, including The Lakes College, which was ranked in the list of Queensland’s Top 10 OP 1-5 Schools for 2016. There is also the North Lakes State College, which is ranked as a P-3 college and which offers students the opportunity to grow and learn with the same group of peers from prep through year 12. Bounty Boulevard State School is another public school in North Lakes that services prep to year six students. For private schools, there is St. Benedict’s School, which is just outside of North Lakes.

Shopping, Restaurants, and Entertainment

For a quiet suburb town, North Lakes has a surprising number of options available for shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. The large Westfield North Lakes shopping centre has over 200 stores, including IKEA, Woolworths, Target and other major retailers.

The restaurant scene provides residents with a diverse array of choices, from top-rated restaurants like Kinn Thai and authentic Indian food at Junoon to charming cafes with excellent espresso like at Fort Specialty Coffee and vegan/vegetarian-centered food at September 18.

While North Lakes may not have a reputation for a bustling nightlife, family and suburban-oriented entertainment options are available, at places such as the Event Cinemas North Lakes or the North Lakes Resort Golf Club. Inflatable World North Lakes and Game On Family Fun Centre are great places for families with young children.

For community events, there is the Corso North Lakes, which is one of Australia’s first Five-Star-Green-Star rated buildings and which houses the North Lakes Library, a community centre, children’s playground, landscaped gardens, and more.

Fitness Activities and Green Spaces

Opportunities for leisurely and fitness activities abound in North Lakes. The aptly named Lake Eden is a popular destination for locals and visitors to stroll and take in the beauty of the natural world. Aurora Boulevard Park and North Lakes Environmental Park are also excellent places for fitness activities or immersing one’s self in nature. For those who prefer to partake of fitness activities indoors, there are several gyms and fitness centres.

Building a Future in North Lakes

For interested investors and future residents of North Lakes, it is a town brimming with promise and the warmth of community. Although it is currently a small town, the steady economy, excellent schools, availability of shopping and entertainment, and green spaces all indicate that North Lakes will continue to thrive and steadily grow, and along with that, property values should increase as well.