At Bridgebury Real Estate North Lakes, we offer services specialising in residential sales & property management, allowing us to provide customers with a ‘One Stop Shop’. Bridgebury Real Estate is a sophisticated, modern, friendly and above most professional agency. We work with integrity, and are ambitiously creative in order to provide a more personalised service. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or invest, Bridgebury Real Estate will be able to take control and help point you in the right direction. We are an agency with BIG IDEAS!

Our superior marketing techniques and advertising coverage allow us to ensure every property, whether for sale or for rent, is positioned and presented onto the market to achieve the very best price. We have a close knit team at Bridgebury Real Estate, allowing most enquires to be dealt with by any member of staff you may speak to. Our office is located opposite Lake Eden in North Lakes, providing great pedestrian traffic surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops.



If you are considering selling your property, we would be delighted to show you exactly how Bridgebury Real Estate can make your home stand out! Whether it’s our unique style of professional photography, PAID sponsored Facebook adverts, custom-made property brochures or use of online advertising, we are only interested in displaying your home in its best possible light, to the widest possible audience, as only that way you’ll know you’ve achieved the best possible price.

We can offer you the flexibility to customise exactly what works best for marketing your home, without being restricted by corporate guidelines that some franchises may be retrained by. Contact us today to arrange your complimentary market appraisal.

Property Management:

Our rental department has grown tremendously since Bridgebury Real Estate was established. We can offer a unique service that we believe is unrivalled within the industry. Whether it’s our best practises, procedures, advertising or arrears management, it all makes up a piece of the puzzle in property management. We strictly follow the guidelines provided to us by the RTA (Residential Tenancy Authority) and enhance the standardised procedures within the industry to minimise any risk to our landlords on their investment.

Property management isn’t just keeping the property occupied and the tenant paying rent on time, it’s also about maximising the landlords return on that investment and being available when you need us! Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials to see if we can deliver our promise.


Land is a very valuable commodity and in the North Lakes and surrounding suburbs, land prices continue to rise as the demand continues to grow. The supply is getting smaller as more land is developed each day in the area. That means if you’ve got some land, we want a piece of it! Land is being snapped up fast, so the key is whether or not your getting the best price or whether or not you’re the first to know when something special becomes available. That’s where we come in! Call us today to register for land or tell us about a block you will consider selling.

For You Tenants:

As our rental department is growing so quickly, Bridgebury Real Estate are able to offer you a range of properties. We work closely with builders and land developers to ensure we can offer brand new homes for rent along with other existing homes, giving you a choice on style and location. Whilst we try to keep our website up to date as quickly as possible, the best way to find out about new rental properties is to register your details. That way if something really special comes up and it suits your requirements, you could be the first to know.

For You Buyers:

If you are seriously looking at buying a property within North Lakes or the surrounding area, we would urge you to call us and register today. The best homes always sell fast, everyone knows it! If we list a home for sale, there is usually a few days where we are organising photography and the rest of the marketing. However, it is in this time, we would call the buyers we have registered in the office. That is why it is so important that we know who you are and what your requirements might be. We might just have what you’re looking for!


North Lakes is fast becoming a satellite City to Brisbane. Located approximately 26 km north of Brisbane’s CBD, this rapidly growing suburb has got a lot to offer home owners and investors, whilst there is still plenty of development still to come.

The introduction of an extension to North lakes Westfield has dramatically improved the customer experience at the shopping centre with a host of restaurants, cafes and even North Lakes first multi-screen cinema. IKEA is due to open late 2016, which again has a fantastic impact on services surrounding IKEA due to the huge increase in footfall. That is without taking into account the employment benefits in and around North Lakes itself.

North Lakes is littered with beautiful lakes and parks complementing the 18-hole championship golf course in the centre of the suburb. There are 3 schools and 6 childcare centres to service the growing demand from families, which over recent years has had a big influence on the demographic within the suburb. Coupled with the new infrastructure always improving and rail links that will soon be operational, North Lakes has really exciting times ahead. It is becoming the perfect place for families to live, therefore whether you are looking to buy to live in or an investment, you could see a fantastic return.